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Where Do the Candidates Stand on Campaign Finance Reform?
Throughout March and April we are holding discussions with candidates for statewide office. Please join us.

Mass Voters Annual Meeting this Sunday, March 26
Mass Voters will hold our annual meeting in Worcester on March 26 to decide our policy for the next year and elect our organization's board of directors. Contact us for more information.

To attend, you need to be a member. And you can join right now by clicking the red button or by mailing in this form.

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February 2006:
Progress in California!
California's legislature is moving ahead with consideration of public campaign finance legislation. The Assembly's elections committee recommended approval of the Clean Money and Fair Elections bill, which now moves to the Senate. The bill has won support from many organizations and newspapers including the California Nurses Association, Sierra Club California, the California Black Chamber of Commerce, the California Democratic Party, California N.O.W., the Los Angeles Times and the San Francisco Chronicle.

News from North Carolina
The North Carolina General Assembly is considering the Voter Owned Election bill. The proposal would provide public financing to candidates for statewide office who gather 2,000 qualifying contributions of between $10 and $100. After qualifying the candidates' campaign funding is exclusively public, with no private fundraising.

December  2005:
Connecticut Legislature Passes Major Campaign Finance Reform Law.   Learn about this victory for democracy in our neighboring state: Hartford Courant coverage, Public Campaign press release

September 2005:
Mass Voters for Fair Elections is back and on track!  We are pushing forward the cause of public financing, and we’re dedicated to playing a leading role in other strategic initiatives along the way.

We are building on our past successes and creating a new grassroots organization that will make public financing a reality in Massachusetts.  We are action-oriented and on the move.  Now we are asking you to be a part of the new Mass Voters organization by becoming a member (join online or print membership form).

Constituents like to see legislators who spend more time working on issues.  [Public financing] has enabled me to do that.

- Maine Senate President
Beth Edmonds


Read more in a report on women who have run for office with public financing in other states.

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